SPE Brazil Section
Women In Energy

SPE Brazil Women In Energy Symposium: E&P Opportunities


18 July 2019 | Firjan - Av. Graça Aranha, 1 - 2nd floor | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 


The Women in Energy (WIN) is an initiative of the Society of Petroleum Engineers International that began in 2016. The purpose of WIN is to promote gender diversity within O&G industry and create opportunities for women to take over leadership roles and reach their career goals.

According to a study from McKinsey & Company¹, the companies that promote diversity in an executive level have 21% higher chances to reach better financial results compared to their competitors. Considering this, WIN Brazil seeks to bring up discussions, furnish and promote initiatives to diminish the gap existent between men and women in the O&G sector, by spreading the idea of diversity and equality.

¹Study “delivering through diversity” available on:  https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/organization/our-insights/delivering-through-diversity